Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platform on the internet and it is used both by governments, people and institutions. Lately Twitter decide to make its platform safer by restricting its users age and deleting fake profiles. You might have noticed the lost of your followers. I lost nothing shuut !!!! But Twitter has set the time to run automate tweets, yeah i am restricted. But they may be reasons why they have decided such rules.


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Twitter addict: Yeah, as we say, first you open this app, you create an account, you hate it, you reopen it and uninstall after that you reopen and become addict.


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For one week i cannot run automate tweets on twitter, all the tweets i automatically send run after 8.00 AM GMT.

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Reason 1 : Maybe Twitter dont want me to disturb their users with tweets at 12PM , but hello Twitter Nobody sleeps at that time. lol


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Reason2: Violation ? No, please ! What did i violate ? even if i did why don’t you tell me first ?

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Reason 3: Mystery. I think it is mystery, like snapchat, Twitter now make changes anyhow without telling customers. I remember, i could not  know who was following me from my following list . agrrrrrrrrrrr

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Hey Twitter, can you bring down this automation restriction ? i need my tweets to run 24 hours a day and not 4 hours a day. some of my followers may be at work that time, how can i reach them at 8H00. this is so strange tweeps.

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