For many years mathematics has become one of the fundamentals basics of science. İn this initiative this platform has been created to show the presence and the applications of mathematics in our life.

TAP (Technology Application Project) is a platform dedicated to show, design and demonstrate the utility and the application of Mathematics in our life and our world).

What about the technology application project?

Is it real? Is it just improved? Is it really true? World is such a beauty that we don’t even take care of what is happening around us. We are living in a mathematical world where everything is obeying scientific laws. We could believe that someone has created our world by calculating some data

But it’s widely believed that Mathematics don’t have any application in our daily life and that mathematics theorems are not applicable in the life’s problems.

So are those rules and theorems just simple imagination? If we think that mathematics is just used to solve ultra-complex problems why should we learn it by nursery school? If we remember well the 10 first numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) and the six vowels (a.e.i,o,u,y) are the first notions we learned in nursery school.

In order to be clear I will use the simple way to explain you the phenomena which are going on around us all over the time. So let’s show the beauty of mathematics all around us.

So as you know life is made of phenomenas and living being. It is why we should be focused on this two aspects. If you take a gentle approach you will find out that all those living things ( Fish, trees, mammals) and those phenomenas (Springs, Safety, Driving, radioactivity) are respecting the king law, A calculus law ( The Modelling Change )


Construct, analyse, and interpret mathematical models in order to improve and make predictions using them.

The modelling change is just all what happened. What is happening and what will happen in the universe. İf you want the social definition, I will say that the Modelling Change is life.  So let’s divide our plan as below.

  • Living things
  • Phenomenas

You will see how it is beautiful to design very complex problems with simple graphs. However I want you to know that this are just pictures, so it doesn’t matter about the value and the dimension.

Mathematica/ Sample Module
Modelling Change: Springs, Driving, Safety, Radioactivity / Fish, Trees, Mammals, Human.
Fields of application Elements of design
Phenomenas Living things Representation Function
Spring = Season

Driving = Activity

Safety = Security

Radioactivity =Scientific phenomena

Fish = Natural Living Things

Trees = Nature

Mammals = Animals



Graphing with calculators and computers

Shifting and Scaling

Trigonometric function

İnverse function

Exponential function


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