What are the foods to stay awake?



The caffeine in the kola nut stimulates the central nervous system, which increases the attention and helps to fight drowsiness and falling asleep. The daily experience testifies to this and the results of the most recent clinical trials leave no doubt.

I used to take this when i was very young in high school in order to read during the night.

But it not sweet, hahahaha so don’t wait for it to taste like sugar, you will be disappointed.


The effect of caffeine on the brain is triply exciting: it acts on receptors and stimulates the production of two substances that keep you awake.

It’s proven: the coffee lengthens the time to fall asleep and shortens the total sleep time by one hour. The well-known cause is caffeine: once ingested, it passes quickly into the blood and reaches the brain in five to ten minutes.

There, it works by blocking the adenosine receptors, a molecule that tends to inhibit neuronal activity. In doing so, it prevents the inhibition of neurons and this results in an activation state.

This is my favouraite, it’s good as a drink and you can choose different flavors. Enjoy !


After a short sleep, you can eat peanuts to combat sleep. This is working with some people but it is also a good alternatives if you neither like coffee nor cola.