Climate Change Awareness Raising Project Launched

Climate Change Awareness Raising Project Launched
T.C. Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Ceylan, Rector of the University Dr. Sayın Metin DOĞAN, Mayor of Çubuk Municipality. Mr. Tuncay ACEHAN, Academic and Administrative Staff, T.C. Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, Teachers and students in the Ministry of National Education included in the project team and representatives of Civil Society Organizations participated.

The opening speech of the meeting Dr. Sayın Metin DOĞAN and T.C. Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mr. Mehmet CEYLAN. Head of Department of Environmental Management Mehrali ECER “Activities to Combat Climate Change”; Assisted by Department of Energy Systems Engineering, University. Assoc. Dr. Mükerrem ŞAHİN “Student activities, awareness raising activities for teacher and teacher candidates” Yrd. Assoc. Dr. Abdulkadir DEVELİ “The development of the capacity of the local authorities, the composition activities” made the presentation of the project description.