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In a world of competition, companies tend to adopt strategies that maintain them in the market. Of course they have to deliver products than can meet the customer’s requirements, and design economic plans that should deliver profit.

Beside of that, product standardisation occupies a royal place in most of manufacturing processes. This is due to the fact that standardisation is the process of setting generally uniform characteristic for a particular good, service or manufacturing policy.

This constancy is a result of standardisation. ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) brings together experts to share knowledge that supports innovation and provide solutions to global challenges as climate change.

One of the famous standards is ISO 14000 which focus on environmental management. This standard focuses on a company’s environmental responsibility companies which such standards learn how to produce eco-friendly products and this help them to have a cleaner reputation in the market.

Most businesses should not just focus on how to explode their profits they should know that all the resources they use come from the environment. The more they can protect, sustain or promote environmental management policies, the more their employees, retailers, suppliers and clients will comply with the green spirit.

As the citizens have to adapt ecological lifestyle, the same should government, companies and any other structures.

Because unity make strength.

Yvan Ngassa (Semi-finalist)- Land for Life Youth Social Media Activists Challenge “Are You the One?”


“Are You The One” is a program organized by the UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification) for people aged between 16-40 years old.

This program congratulates young leaders who  care about environment, who are dedicate to promote and protect the environment.

Bloggers, YouTubers, young journalists, youth Leaders, students, artists, celebrities, or young people who are passionate, dedicated and actively
promote environmental justice; sustainable land and natural resources management or land conservation via different social media platforms are very welcome to compete to this program.


In 2016 , the Cameroonian  Yvan Ngassa had the privilege to be among the Semi Finalists of this international  competition.

Gallimard Yvan N Ngassa, the 16th Eco-generation Regional Ambassador to Turkey, advocates for environmental friendly policies and fair business practices that protect and conserve nature. Gallimard has been actively using different social media platforms to reach out his audiences and peers, posting environmental related issues globally to raise awareness about the importance of conserving our natural resources. He was also a Digital Advocate for World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) to engage broader range of stakeholders in WHS campaigns.

We are happy to see the flag of our country being honored at the United Nations  and we encourage him to move forward.

Thank You The Indomitable Lion Of the Environment.
scholarship at the African Union: https://www.au.int/en/volunteer/african-union-youth-volunteer-
Bourses d’études  à L’Union Africaine: https://www.au.int/en/volunteer/african-union-youth-volunteer-